Seahorse Swim School: The Best Swim Lessons in Santa Cruz, California




Group Lessons
*Includes all level-classes & parent-tot lessons.
-Mon/ Wed OR Tues /Thurs mornings
(4 weeks, 8 lessons) 25 minutes

Private Lessons
(25 minutes, 1:1) w/ Seahorse Swim Staff

Semi-Private Lessons
(25 minutes, 2:1) w/ Seahorse Swim Staff:
$60 (Cost may be split between participants: $28 per student, per lesson.)

Pool Jr. Guard Program
Mon - Fri 8:30am - 12noon
$350 for 3 week session
$150 for 1 week session
$50 for daily drop-in

Drop-ins & Late Registrations
Feel free to come and see if there is space in your desired class. If there is an opening, you may drop in for the day. Drop-ins are confirmed pool-side.

Seahorse Swim School Swimmers
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