Swim Lessons

We offer lessons for children & adults, private, semi-private swim lessons, Parent-Toddler lessons, as well as a non-competitive swim team. Classes are offered out of 3 locations in Santa Cruz County: Seascape Sports Club in Aptos and the Elks Lodge in Santa Cruz (Summer only).

Group Swim Lessons offered for children of all ages & levels. American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim levels are used in our curriculum and most of our instructors are Water Safety Instructors (WSI) and Lifeguards. Late starts and drop-in's are welcome depending on space in the class. Incredible progress can be made in a very short period of time. Come join us!

Private & Semi Private Swim Lessons are offered for adults and children of all ages, levels and abilities out of all of our locations. Private lessons are perfect for those children who are easily distracted in a group setting, for those who are "stuck" at a particular level or for those who are preparing for an event (Jr. Guards, Super Kid Triathlon, Triathlons for adults, etc.). Private and semi-private lessons can be arranged during scheduled times or when group classes do not fill. Call our SWIM line directly to discuss your needs and to schedule your appointment.

Parent-Tot Swim Lessons

are offered for infants & toddlers and children who need to have the comfort of mother, father or other family member or guardian in the pool with them. Each participant must have a guardian with them in the pool. We start children as young as 6 months in our Parent Tot class. We have had younger come and fair well with this class too! (Age limits are a guideline, not a prerequisite.) In this class, it is our goal to teach you how to teach your child to swim and be safe in,on or near the water. We will introduce holding techniques, key phrases and water safety skills that will assist the child as they transition to becoming more comfortable and open to learning new skills in the pool. Seahorse Swim School introduces key motor skills used in swimming in our parent tot class while working to help the student adjust to the aquatic environment. These skills, when taught at an early age, will help the student learn to swim quickly as they progress through our levels. Parent Tot classes are currently offered out of Seascape Sports Club in Aptos & the Elks Lodge in Santa Cruz (Summer only at the Elks).

Non-Competitive Swim-team : Our Team is learning how to create workouts for a lifetime of fitness. We teach our swim-teamers that swimming can help to maintain an active lifestyle for years to come. Swimming is a sport that can be done with little to no equipment and is often prescribed as a way to stay in shape after injuries are incurred in other land-based sports. We coach our swimmers on their technique and utilizing drills are used to help streamline each competitive stroke during our workouts. We put the workout back on the individual swimmer, taking the competition out of the equation, and putting the emphasis back on the individual swimmer to ensure a lifetime of fitness. Drop-in’s are welcome and we always have space for you. The ability to swim 25 yards of each competitive stroke is required to join. Level 4 classes will prepare the swimmer for swim-team.

Adult Swim Lessons are offered at all of our locations. We find that most adults prefer to start in private lessons; getting the attention needed based on the goals that are set for the individual. Fantastic progress is made in just a half an hour lesson! Beginning, intermediate and advanced swimmers are all welcome. If you want to create a group of adult friends or family members, we can do that too. Swimmers within the group should be at or near the same level.