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When are you open?

March to October. For private lessons in the off season, please feel free to check in with us as we do teach outside of a “normal” schedule upon availability of instructor.

How do I register?
  • Register online for group lessons, or via email or phone for Private, semi-pvt and custom classes. Group lessons where Seahorse puts together the classes and are open to the general public. You can create YOUR own custom classes w. your friends and family (aka PODS).
  • Call us to register if you do not have access to a computer or just want to speak to a real person. We aim to return all messages within 72 hours. Please be sure to leave phone number slowly or twice along with any other pertinent info we made need to make it easy to schedule you.
  • If you simply want an email back, please fill out our Swim lesson interest questionnaire on the home page and we will get back to you ASAP with suggestions for a great class just for you!
  • We offer flexibility in scheduling private lessons and can create your ideal schedule as requested. We do encourage consistency to assist the learner in the learning process.
What COVID Precautions is Seahorse Swim School taking for swim lessons?

First, we ask that if you or your family has been determined to have COVID-19 symptoms or a diagnosis>> please stay home. Most all of our instructors are vaccinated against COVID-19. We have reserved a lane in the lap pool for lessons at Seascape and have reserved the Warm Water Pool during our lessons in that pool too. Please come prepared to swim in swimsuit and use the restroom prior to coming to swim class. Locker rooms at Seascape are available for members only.

What do I need to bring to the swim lesson?

Swimsuit, towel and goggles. Participants will be taught how to get their face, eyes and forehead wet while blowing bubbles to “earn” their goggles; we want our swimmers to be comfortable putting their face in the water without goggles too! Seahorse Swim School has goggles to purchase. Please bring your own or purchase a pair from Seahorse Swim School. Sunscreen should be applied prior to your swim lesson for maximum protection. We encourage spring wet-suits for maximum protection from the elements. Not necessary… just suggested. This will help your child stay focused on learning a new skill rather than trying to stay warm when it is breezy or cold outside.

The following FAQ’s apply to GROUP level classes:

What level is my child?

Please refer to the American Red Cross Level Descriptions on our home page FIND YOUR SWIM LEVEL. If you still have questions, please call or email with your specific questions.

What if my child is not in the age range that is assigned to each class?

Age limits are a guideline, NOT a prerequisite. If the participant is 2+ years from our suggested age range, you might want to consider a private lesson to allow the student to get caught with the other students of the average age for the levels. If you believe that the participant is at that level and the age of participants in appropriate, then go ahead and press override on the age limit warning message.

Can I sign up late for a session?

Yes, as long as there is space in the class. Please call or email the office with your SPECIFIC class level, class time and location request. In our program, you are able to start a currently running class, even after the session has begun.

I can’t make all the lessons in a session, what do I do?

When you register for the full course, your spot is held for you. We do not offer makeups; if the participant misses a class the lesson would be forfeited. Please be sure to check your schedule before committing to and registering for a spot in our classes. Once booked>> we are good to go. We reserve our time for you and limit the number of swimmers in each class according to our safety guidelines. We want your swimmer to take every class you have paid for, please be sure to add us to your calendar so you don’t miss a class.

How many students in a class?

Class levels >
Student : Teacher Ratios Parent Tot > 6:1.
Levels 1-3a > 4:1
Level 4 > 6:1
Jr Guard Prep >10:1

My child is older than the average age of what the level suggests, but has never had a swim lesson. What level would s/he be?

We suggest that an older participant get private instruction to bring him/ her up to the level of kids their age to ensure a positive learning environment. If you have, say, an 7 or 8 year old beginner swimmer, please register for level 3a. They might be the oldest in the class, but then again, we have taught MANY beginning 7/8 year olds in level 3a.

Do you have waiting lists for classes?

Yes. If the class says that is is full, please add prospective class attendees names to the waiting list. New classes will be formed based off these lists. Those on the wait list will be contacted first when a new class opens up.

Is it too late to register?

It’s never too late. Call our SWIM office for assistance at anytime. Please be very SPECIFIC in your correspondence to ensure quick delivery in an answer to your request for classes.

Do you have a swim team?

(Our non competitive swimteam will NOT be offered in 2024)

Will my child be water safe after his lessons?

Our goal (same as Red Cross Goal) is to train participants to be safe in, on and around water. We implement water safety topics in all of our lessons. This is an integral part of our program!

What if my child can’t keep up in his class? What if s/he is in a class that is not the correct level?

First, please be sure to check our Find Your Level flowchart or call us if you are not sure of the level. Please remember that age limits are a guideline, not a prerequisite. Our teaching staff has years of experience and we are able to handle multiple levels within a class. Our instructors will communicate directly with you and offer solutions to ensure proper placement or offer a game plan for success.

What if my child cries?

This can be one of many natural responses and we value the responses of individuals who come to our Program. We have witnessed many children who have cried in the beginning of a session to being the star of the class at the end. This is something that can happen for great reasons or, for no reason at all. Our advice: Stick with it. Most of the time, if you just keep coming back, you will ensure that the participant gets the repetition that they need to feel comfortable while learning a new skill. We have games that the instructor can begin for you to keep their minds off learning swimming for a minute, allowing them to gain comfort in the environment. We want them to focus on something simple or more familiar to allow the learner to open up to learning. If your child needs our undivided attention to get past their hurdle, we have private lessons available which can help fearful or intimidated children. Please refer to the articles page on the homepage of this site for tips on teaching fearful children to swim. We teach safely, gently and professionally.

How old do you have to be to take swim lessons?

Our parent tot classes start at 6 months. We teach all levels, ages and abilities. You are NEVER too old to learn!

Do I have to get into the water with my child?

For Parent Tot classes we do require a set of hands for each child. We do encourage parents of level 1 students who are still leery of taking instruction from the teacher to bring a suit and be ready to get in to assist. It is always our goal to move the parent out of the lesson structure to allow the student to learn to take directions directly from the teacher. We want all parents and guardians to be available poolside during the lesson time. Bring a camera and enjoy the experience!


How many lessons will it take to learn to swim?

The MAGIC question! We will be more able to answer that after we have at least one lesson with the swimmer.


Lifeguards, Swim Instructors and Swim Coaches.

We look for energetic, reliable, positive instructors and guards. Previous experience with children is required. Previous teaching experience with all ages is preferred. Water Safety Instructors (WSI) are preferred for swim instructor positions. We are also able to certify you as a WSI. Lifeguards need to show proof of skills along with current ‘Life-guarding and CPR for the Professional Rescuer’ certifications.

If you are interested in joining our team, email your resume, application and availability.


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