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Jr. Guards

seahorse jr. lifeguard

Our Philosophy Behind Our Jr. & Little Guard Camps

Our Jr. Guard Camp is POSTPONED until further notice.

With the participants in our Jr. Guard Camps, each child will be a better swimmer each day, as we give them a swim lesson or a workout that is bound to get them in great swimming shape. We want to capture the attention and interests of our youth in Emergency Medical Fields early on, by exposing them to the skills of a lifeguard. Each participant will be more confident to take on a Life-guarding class when they are taught the skills in our daily guarding skill session.

By meeting the paramedics on our AMR day, they are provided with the opportunity to meet the personnel that would arrive when they called in for an actual 911 emergency. It can make a huge impact on the participant when they see that the materials we have been practicing with in our First Aid and CPR segments are in the Ambulance and are used daily by the Paramedics. The kids love to have their pulse checked on the Electrocardiogram. Seahorse Swim School wants to have the kids feel like these emergency personnel are reachable and approachable.

Prerequisites: For all programs at all locations

Jr. Guard/Little Guard Camps: ability to swim 25 yrd continually, 30 secs to 1 minute treading H2O. No try-out is needed if the student is able to do these skills. If you are unsure, please call us to confirm that you child is ready. We could schedule a FREE assessment as needed. To prepare for our Pool Jr. Guard camp sign up for level 4 group lessons.

A Typical Day In Our Jr. Guard Camp Program

All times are approximate and are adjusted for special guests. Jr. Guard participants MUST be signed IN and OUT EVERYDAY. If participants are OK to ride bikes or walk home or be picked up by another person besides a parent, then please bring a note with a parents signature and phone number and talk to the Manager on site. Exercises, stretching, discussion about how the day will go.

Warm up with dry land exercises

  • Swim lesson (30-40 mins- depends on skill level).
  • Break/ snack/ warm-up/ water/ sunscreen application, etc.
  • Rescue skill practice/ CPR/First Aid practice.
  • Recreational swimming, team building games and fun!
  • Parent Pick-up and sign-out.


ONLINE– for a session in its entirety in advance of the session start date.
CALL/EMAIL – to register for a ONE WEEK CAMP.
Once your registration is received/processed, we will call or email to confirm placement in programs.

(Mail In Registration Form for one week Jr. Guard Camps or lessons not offered online)

Our Jr. Guard Camp is POSTPONED until further notice. Stay safe!

Seahorse Swim School Summer Pool Jr. Guard Camp at Seascape

ONE week Jr. Guard Camp: 
Monday – Thursday 9:00am-12:15pm.



I want to thank Seahorse Swim School for all the work they have done w. my daughter. She has become a much stronger swimmer and has more confidence in the pool. The Jr. Guard program is awesome. The kids learn first aid, CPR and are getting tons of exercise while having fun in the sun. Thank you so much, Great Job!
Shonn Mantalvo
Summer 2013

Information on our special guests

American Medical Response Ambulance Company (AMR)
With AMR visits we hope to bridge the gap between the first responders and the Emergency Medical Teams that arrive to take over. Paramedics will let the Jr. Guards know what to expect when they arrive to take over, emphasize the importance of communicating important information that they have gathered from the scene and instill the First Aid lessons that we have taught the Jr. Guards. Bridging the Gap!
Through our Pool Jr. Guard Camps we hope to encourage all our Seahorse Swimmers to continue American Red Cross’s Commodore E. Longfellow’s journey of encouraging bathers to be swimmers and swimmers to be lifesavers.

Special Guest visits may be changed or cancelled without notice (AMR/Fire Department) due to availability — 911 calls have priority over our scheduled appointments.

Special Guest visits may be changed or cancelled without notice (AMR/Fire Department) due to availability — 911 calls have priority over our scheduled appointments.

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