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Our Staff

Tiffany Harmon

Tiffany Harmon (“Teacher Tiffany", “Mama Seahorse”)

Lead instructor and owner of Seahorse Swim School, Tiffany Harmon is a graduate of UCSC (1997) with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She focused her studies on child development and social psychology. Born in Southern California, West Los Angeles area, Tiffany has been teaching swimming lessons since 1985. She has nurtured the development of thousands of swimmers as well as hundreds of Water Safety Instructors & Lifeguards in Santa Cruz County. As the owner and lead instructor trainer of Seahorse Swim School since 1995, she specializes in private and semi-private lessons for adults, children and special needs. She believes that personalized and individual attention given to each swimmer breeds water safe, water confident, skilled swimmers.


Kianna “Kiki”

“Kiki” has been an integral part of Seahorse Swim School for over 15 years. She has taught hundreds (maybe thousands) of kids to swim with Seahorse Swim School and Kiki is a pro with infants and young children. Calm, delightful and encouraging are words used to describe her teaching style. Kiki works on Saturday mornings and is our baby whisperer– able to connect with all children and get them happily to join in on the fun. She sings, she teaches.. and she is a favorite of many of our swimmers. Everyone loves Kiki!


Marisa started to teach for Seahorse Swim School Fall 2023 and is a great addition to our team of instructors. She taught for Swim America prior to working with Seahorse Swim School. Born and raised in Santa Cruz County, she graduated from Watsonville High School and now studies business at Cabrillo College. Marisa helps in the office with scheduling and organizing swim lessons. She has a passion for teaching children and has been a tutor, nanny, teachers aid and swim instructor. While working with Swim America, Marisa worked with many children who had severe fear of the water along with children with Autism, ADHD and Cerebral Palsy. Already a star in the pool… we welcome Marisa to our fabulous team of instructors. 


On hold till further notice.
Heidi Andersen has taught swimming lessons for decades. With a calm demeanor and an immense amount of patience, and a background in education, she instantly earns the attention of the children in her class. At PVUSD she is a 1:1 classroom aid for special needs children. Fluent in American Sign Language, Heidi welcomes students who communicate by signing too.

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