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Scheduling Lessons: All lessons are secured (scheduled and paid for) in advance. Lessons are 25 minutes in length unless otherwise arranged. (We allot 3-5 mins after class to communicate to parents on child’s progress, please approach your teacher poolside at the end of class to get that feedback.)

Payments in full reserves your spot. REGISTER ONLINE!  or Call our Swim office during business hours.
Members and non-members are allowed to join lessons at Seascape Sports Club.
No Membership required for Seahorse Swim Academy.

Rescheduling/Cancellations/Refunds:  Once your lessons are booked, each students lesson time has been secured in our schedule and is not offered to anyone else. We do not offer rescheduling or refunds.

Due to COVID-19 precautions, please limit the amount of people that come with the swimmer. ONE parent can bring children to lessons. Please arrange this in advance.

Make-Ups: NO makeups for classes missed by student are offered. If a class is cancelled by Seahorse Swim School or Seascape Sports Club Club we will arrange your class session to be made up. Your payment secures your spot in the class. If Seahorse Swim School cancels the class, your class will be rescheduled before the end of the current session.

Please wait for the instructors directions & invitation to enter the pool for the lesson.  Please wait for your lessons to begin & end in the waiting area or on the deck until your teacher calls the students name.

Inclement Weather (all of our pool locations are outdoors): We swim rain or shine.  Lessons continue when it is raining unless we have thunder and lightning present or the bottom of the pool is not visible. Weather cancellations are often made at the last minute due to fluctuations and quickly changing weather patterns in Santa Cruz. Instructors will telephone clients on the day of scheduled swim lessons if lessons are to be canceled due to inclement weather. If lessons are cancelled due to inclement weather (thunder/ lightening), you will be notified by phone at least 1 hour before class. Lessons canceled by instructor at the last minute due to inclement weather conditions will be rescheduled. Please be sure we have your correct contact information including your cell phone number on the class roster.

Children who are not potty trained are required to wear swim diapers and plastic pants. These are available at Target and can be found online (suggest SwimOutlet.com). Swim diapers are for a one time use only, whereas, plastic pants are re-usable and are worn over the swim diapers. Please always check your child’s diaper prior to entering the pool. We are always concerned and aware of the Health and Safety of our swimmers.

Classes may be added according to demand. Seahorse Swim School reserves the right to cancel any class that is under-subscribed. Additional level classes will be formed from waiting lists. (See Private notations.) Classes that do not meet the minimum number of participants will be turned into private and semi-private lesson times.

Arriving early – staying after. To adhere to COVID-19 precautions, please bring swimmers ready in swimsuits in advance of arrival. Please ensure that swimmers wait to get in the water until their level and name has been announced by their instructor–indicating the start of their class. The Club requires non-members to depart 10 minutes after the lesson is over.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

COVID-19 Policies

  • If you or your child(ren) have any related COVID-19 indicators, please stay home.
  • Each client needs to complete this Client Intake Form
  • COVID-19 questions link must be answered within 24 hours of scheduled lesson.
  • To limit the number of people on the deck, only one adult to accompany the child(ren) to the lesson. 
  • All swimmers are asked to wait for their name to be called by the instructor to be invited into the water for their class. Please keep socially distanced from the swimmers before/after you.

COVID-19 Precautions we are taking

Staff Protection

Self check:  Each instructor is asked to self-monitor and if they have any COVID-19 indicators, they will not come to work. If a sub is not able to cover their shift, the classes will be rescheduled or refunded.

PPE: Teachers are provided with and required to wear a face shield when unable to maintain a safe distance to swimmers. Teachers are directed to back away from swimming students when possible to maintain 6’ distance who do not need direct hands-on assistance. If the instructor can coach the student from the deck, they have been given that prerogative.  If a student is a non swimmer, of course the instructor will stay close to swimmer/within an arms reach/or hands on. Instructors are warned to stay out of direct exhales of air and to avoid droplets of water in their face. If there is such an occurrence, the teacher will dip their face in the chlorinated pool immediately to disinfect. Sunglasses are encouraged as well as baseball caps to assist w. face shield security.

Face/mouth Covering: We ask that all students and parents follow the current guidelines set forth by Santa Cruz County Health Department. When face coverings are required by the County Health Department, regardless of vaccination status, those guidelines shall be followed. The exception to this is when the student gets into the water. No mouth and nose coverings should be worn by the swimmer while swimming or during swim lessons.

Toys/teaching tools: Toys/teaching tools are in chlorinated water and sunshine, both are a disinfectant.

Student Protection:

Students must shower/rinse off before entering the pool.

Greetings: incoming and outgoing. Seahorse Staffers will use waves, foot high 5’s, elbow bumps, ok signs, thumbs up, air high 5’s as acceptable “good byes/good jobs.”  Join us!

Physical Distancing poolside: Swim lessons are 25 mins in length for instruction. If you would like feedback regarding your children’s progress, please approach teacher at the end of class to ask for this. (We will say, “this is the last thing we are going to do”– which would signal the end of class to be near.) We have 5 mins buffer in-between students to answer any questions and provide feedback on the students. Please be aware of the students and parents before/after you and maintain distance between each family unit

No Lifeguard on Duty — swimmers swim at their own risk.