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Scheduling Lessons: Swimming lessons should be scheduled in advance of the session online, by phone or by email request. Private, semi-private lessons or custom classes are booked with our office directly.

Members & Non-members are welcome to join our swim program at any of our locations. Members Seascape Sports Club receive 10% off lesson registration in advance of a session start date for group or private lessons. Non-enrolled family members may not use the pools or facilities during lessons. Non-members may arrive 15 minutes prior to swim lesson and must depart 15 minutes after the completion of swim lessons. Non-enrolled family members may not use the pools or facilities during these lessons without paying a day use fee.
A 48-hour notice is required for all cancellations. Please phone us with your cancellation to ensure we get the message. Be clear about the participants name and location for your lesson. Please always provide us with a phone number, even if you think we have it.

Refunds: Cancellations for session enrollment, swim-team or private/ semi-private lessons must be received 48 hours prior to start of session or scheduled private lesson to receive a refund. this allows us enough time to try to fill your spot with someone else who has expressed interest.NO refunds will be given once session has begun. NO refunds for children who choose not to participate in the class at class time.

Inclement Weather (all of our pool locations are outdoors): All Swim classes will occur rain or shine! Lessons continue when it is raining unless we have thunder and lightning present or the bottom of the pool is not visible. Weather cancellations are often made at the last minute due to fluctuations and quickly changing weather patterns in Santa Cruz. Instructors will telephone clients on the day of scheduled swim lessons if lessons are to be canceled due to inclement weather. If lessons are cancelled due to inclement weather (thunder/ lightening), you will be notified by phone at least 1 hour before class. Lessons canceled by instructor at the last minute due to inclement weather conditions will be rescheduled. Please be sure we have your correct contact information including your cell phone number on the class roster.

Make-Ups: NO makeups for classes missed by student are offered. If a class is cancelled by Seahorse Swim School or the particular Club location we will arrange your class session to be made up. Your payment secures your spot in the class. If Seahorse Swim School cancels the class, your class will be rescheduled.

Payments for sessions reserves your spot in the class. REGISTER ONLINE! to hold your spot in the class. Online registration is only accepted for level classes. For reservations and payments for private swim lessons or custom classes–Make checks to Seahorse Swim School over the phone or at the site day of. Please mark the check w. the name of the student and the location that you are taking lessons at on the memo line of the check. Cash payments should be put in an envelope with the participant’s name on the outside of the envelope or on the memo line of your check. Please include participant and class information (i.e Session 4: Jane Doe private lesson 3/15/14). No refunds will be given once session has begun.

Our Swim Programs are open to the general public. Please bring & show proof of enrollment (registration confirmation) to the front desk. You will usually sign in twice: once when you walk in and again poolside w. your teacher.

Please wait for the instructors directions & approval to enter the pool. It is important to bring toys/ books/ games to keep siblings entertained. Please wait for your lessons to begin & end in the waiting area or on the deck.

Children who are not potty trained are required to wear swim diapers and plastic pants. These are available at Toys R Us, Target and can be found online. Swim diapers are use once only, whereas, plastic pants are re-usable and are worn over the swim diapers.

Classes may be added according to demand. Seahorse Swim School reserves the right to cancel any class that is under-subscribed. Additional level classes will be formed from waiting lists. (See Private notations.) Classes that do not meet the minimum number of participants will be turned into private and semi-private lesson times.

Changing rooms and showers are available. Non-members may NOT use the gym or pool facility while their students are in class. You may arrive 10 minutes prior to your lesson to get ready and please depart 15 minutes after your lesson is over. The HOT TUB can only be used if the teacher rewards the student with its use for a good lesson. Maximum Reward tune is 5 minutes in the Hot Tub. To assist with a positive learning environment, please do not allow children to get into any body of water before the lessons begin.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Additional Policies

Elk’s Lodge, Santa Cruz

Anyone whose hair is long enough to be put in a pony tail, must do so… even boys. Or one can wear a cap.