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Seahorse Swim Academy

Swim Academy

Tiffany Harmon, owner of Seahorse Swim School, teaches all lessons at the Seahorse Swim Academy. Private, semi-private lessons are offered Summers only. This toasty warm pool is heated to at least 83 degrees (more like 86!–solar hot water feeds the pool that help reduce our carbon footprint.) Ranging from 4 to 7 ft deep, it has a few shallow steps for entry, exit and teaching opportunities as well as a small jumping board (no diving allowed).

Pictured below is a separate warm tub attached to the pool- this area can help fearful kids get used to the water in a quaint, contained and super safe learning area. In addition students are offered a moment in this small tub after their lesson, time (and students behavior) permitting. Swim schedules will be set for 8 week sessions to maintain clientele consistency. Once packages are booked, there are no makeups or reschedules. 

This is a private location and all bookings must be confirmed in advance.

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