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Client testimonials are encouraged and appreciated. To give feedback, please CONTACT US. Your testimonials and word of mouth are what gives others who have not had lessons with Seahorse Swim School a glimpse into your swimming experiences. Thanks in advance!

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Our Award Winning Swim program has seen many, many swimmers come through our lane lines!

The most common words our clients have used to describe our instructors are:

Safe, intuitive, fun, creative, encouraging, positive, patient, gentle, efficient, friendly, energetic and enthusiastic.

More words to describe our instructors:

More words to describe our instructors:

Adapting, honest, direct, playful and friendly but firm (a great combo!), engaged, non-pressuring, clear, inspiring, demanding, and empathic (in a very good way), reassuring, knowledgeable, flexible, super helpful, precise, energetic, enthusiastic, very well structured, pragmatic, straight forward, no-nonsense, fun and fast (keeps the pace up, and gets the kids working hard). Educational, prepared, calm, excellent, impactful, clear, direct, productive, inclusive, caring, thorough, amazing, interactive, engaging, challenging repetitive reinforcement, calming, experienced, curious, aware and ready, knowledgeable, kind, relaxed, nice.

If you want your child to ACTUALLY LEARN how to swim, this is the best program in the area. The instructors are fantastic – consistent, firm, gentle, and gifted at teaching children of all ages how to swim……Don’t waste your time or money anywhere else.

Yelp 5 star review

I have two boys, ages 5 and 7. I started each in swim lessons as babies and was never very happy or impressed with the instruction given, or lack there of, in various places around Santa Cruz County. I found Seahorse Swim School searching online and liked how she offered so many private lessons at Chaminade. My 7 year old knew how to swim already so I started my 5 year old with her and I have seen absolutely amazing results. First and formost, Tiffany has such a way with kids; she is clever, funny, firm but loving, and really knows how to make learning fun. Second, from the get go, she teaches the kids how to survive and to me, that is the most important thing for a child to learn in the water. I then started my 7 year old with her to improve his strokes and become more efficient in the water. Both boys look forward to going to lessons and even fight over who gets to go first! My youngest has made so much progress in learning to swim and we look forward to continuing our lessons with Tiffany. For what she has taught my kids about water safety, I am eternally grateful!

Jamie Vomvolakis
My daughter learned more in her first ½ hour lesson with Seahorse Swim School than she did in eight 1 hour lessons last summer at a different location. It was a noticeable difference. The teachers are so great with the kids and really makes them feel comfortable and safe. I can’t believe my daughter put her face and head in the water during the first lesson! After the first lesson she said she loved her teacher and she can’t wait to go back each time! Thanks!!
J. Hannah
I wanted to take a moment to let you know how incredibly pleased (and thouroughly impressed) we are with Ryan’s progress. The strides Ryan has made since starting lessons with you have been huge! The confidence our not-quite-3-year-old exhibits in the water now, compared to a mere 8 lessons ago is simply astonishing. Thank you for your patience, and for your commitment to helping her learn an invaluable skill in a safe and rewarding environment. Many Thanks!
The Finfer Family
I just wanted to send a “Thank You” to you and Lacy for the lessons you did with our girls over the past few months. They really looked forward to their swim lessons and I am so happy to see them more comfortable in the water – I am very pleased with our younger daughters’ progress; she was so hesitant to even get her face wet. During this last week of lessons she was holding her face in the water blowing bubbles and enjoying going under water to pick up rings! I’m sure we’ll be back again! Thank you.
Amy Squires

Want to thank Seahorse Swim School for all the work they have done w. my daughter. She has become a much stronger swimmer and has more confidence in the pool. The Jr. Guard program is awesome. The kids learn first aid, CPR and are getting tons of exercise while having fun in the sun. Thank you so much, Great Job!


Shonn Montalvo Summer 2013

We have been swimming with Seahorse for three years now. With one child on swimteam and our other child soon to be, we will be sure to swim with Seahorse for years to come. Tiffany is a joy to work with and our kids have loved every instructor they’ve had We love Seahorse Swim School.

Amy Rawlings Summer SCHS 2013

My 11 yr old daughter has been in swim lessons since she was a baby and has been in a few different programs. Seahorse Swim School, by far, knocks them all out of the water! They have lessons and several different locations and times. Our favorite is their non-competitive swimteam, which emphasizes nothing but fun and learning at their own pace. I appreciate so much the instructors work with every child’s level of learning. There is no pressure, yet the children learn so quickly. I was blow away by the Summer 2013 Open House Seahorse Swim School hosted. It was much more than I expected; there was catering, free swim lessons, tons of water toys and every single instructor was patient, informative and kind. My daughter will continue to do activities with Seahorse Swim School for many, many years to come!.

Kristin Summer 2013

Albert dropped about 13 seconds and took 6th place at Junior Olympics. He made a new team record. (His time was 6:14.77) His swim looked very smooth and strong. He said he paid attention to his entry, pull and turns as you taught in lessons. Thank you so much for teaching him and giving him encouragement. This result gave him a lot of motivation for continuing swimming. We hope to see you near future!

Keiko MacPherson

I’ve enjoyed watching my son progress from being nervous and a little intimidated by the water to loving and looking forward to your classes. The first time I saw him swimming with confidence in the deep end, I felt proud and joyful (and relieved).

Peter Friedberg

I am so impressed with Tiffany’s love for her students. Our 6 year old grandson looks forward to every lesson. You can see the trust he has in Tiffany. In just 6 lessons, he has gone from being a non-swimmer to feeling comfortable in the water. This is impressive. I can see in the next few weeks he’ll be well on his way for a life of swimming.

David Dunworth

Thank you so much teaching our son to be more comfortable in the water. You and your instructors are awesome. He was a crying little boy last summer and now he looks forward to his time in the water. He has always asked to go surfing with his Dad, so last week was his first surf time and he was able to duck dive with me through a couple waves at The Point. We look forward to many more swim lesson with Seahorse Swim School.

T & K Johnson

I found just what I needed when I hired Tiffany as a swim coach. As an avid runner and cyclist, I’m a pretty fit 40 year old guy. But though I grew up in a backyard pool, I was at a loss when I decided to add swimming to my weekly workouts. Tiffany corrected the fundamentals in my stroke, taught me proper breathing technique and coached me in several drills I can mix into my pool time to strengthen my form and endurance. And all that while having FUN! Now building towards competence for open water swimming or even a triathlon is a reasonable and reachable goal. Thanks, Tiffany!

Arne Lang-Ree

Tiffany always makes class an adventure. She really personalizes the lesson for my child and makes it a fun experience. Her sense of humor is the perfect touch, yet, she is able to command the child’s’ attention for instruction.

Angela Chesnut

I am so thrilled at how my daughters are making tremendous progress with their swimming. Each lesson they are advancing with great leaps and bounds and laughter. My daughter, Verity, is putting her eyes and mouth under water after years of being deathly afraid…it brings tears of happiness to my eyes every time I see her doing it in class. Tiffany makes learning to swim so fun; she sings, plays games, and truly loves the children into feeling safe and secure with themselves in the water.

Dr. Krista Marie Alongi

My son has made tremendous progress in a short period of time. Tiffany is a terrific swim teacher and has a great rapport with children. I have observed many teachers over the years and Tiffany is the best I have seen. The cost may seem high until you observe the quality of the lessons and the progress made. It is definitely well worth it!

Lynn Founds

I watched my son go from master dog paddler to swimmer in 30 minutes. Wow! He loves the water; now he has some skills to go with the desire. Thanks so much.

Clifford and Bodhi

When trying to decide what to do about swim lessons, my husband said it best. “Let’s give Tiffany a try: We’ll know if she has ‘the magic’. We did, and she does!

Anne Rowley

Tiffany’s straightforward style works well for our family. Teaching science and how to prevent injuries for swimmers is a real plus! Our daughter always looks forward to her lesson.

Julie Juell

My daughter enjoys her lessons so much! She has made great progress in the relatively short period of time she has been in lessons: I’m impressed. We love the humor Tiffany uses to keep it fun.

Jan Burroughs

Tiffany is an excellent teacher. Before taking lessons from Tiffany, I could not even enter the swimming pool. Tiffany took the fear of water away with her great instruction. I would recommend Tiffany to anyone from beginner to advanced. She made a great difference to me.

Lalitha (adult swimmer)

Our kids love their swimming lessons. Our kids jump out of the car and run to the swimming pool! The structured, yet fun filled lessons have helped our kids learn to swim. Thanks!

The Woolover Family

I started my son at 6 months old in the parent- tot class. The staff of Seahorse Swim School has a wonderful way with children and made me feel very comfortable knowing that she was Red Cross certified. My son is now three years old and we have taken private and group lessons. I feel this is a great benefit to my son feeling comfortable in the water and would recommend Seahorse Swim school to all parents.

Aurora Smith
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